Thursday, September 14, 2017

Don't be afraid to try something new!

Another normal day at the quilt shop.

Upon arrival I am informed that my quilt top has been quilted and it's ready for me to be bound.
No biggie.... I got this.... Just like a
gillion tops I've done before, right?!
My mother...... (insert appropriately loving eye roll) suggests:
"Hey, wouldn't that look really cute with scalloped borders?!?"


You want me to do what now?!

I will be honest folks, I can't remember how many years this wreath has been done and waiting for quilting.  It hasn't exactly been at the top of any of our to do lists if you know what I mean.
That being said, I'm debating if I should even finish it at all.... much less do some kind of fancy finishing on it!

I guess.... maybe.... ok fine.... I agree with Mom.  It did turn out really cute with scallops!

Don't even think about looking at my carpet.... I just did scallops.... SCALLOPS. Not carpet shampooing!

Doesn't it just fit perfectly on my ottoman?!

Here is a close up of the borders.

Cool, right?!  ok... so how did this miraculous turn of events come about??

My mother..... Turns out was one step ahead of me (imagine that!) and also provided me with this awesome template to make life a little easier!

This template takes all of the guessing out of marking your borders.  It also comes with a super awesome reference guide that has all of the math done for you and broken down into a great chart!!!

It also makes vines and waves a breeze, but let's be honest.... 
I'm still geekin' out over the scallop thing!

I would give step by step instructions, but seriously, they are included with the template.  Great photos and all.
Check it out at our store HERE

Also, the pattern for the wreath that I used is in this book HERE.... along with sooooo many cute holiday projects.  Check it out!

Well that's it... I hope I've inspired you to try something new and exciting on one of your projects.  I was not planning on learning to use a new template, but it turned out fun!

Good luck with those Christmas projects... and have a happy scrappy day!

Leave me a comment and let me know...

What new technique have you tried lately.... or would like to try??

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