Monday, January 30, 2017

Conestoga Crossing Month 1: Mercantile & Dry Goods Blocks

Pieces to sew: 33/block
number of blocks: 4
waste triangles; 8/block

Cutting out your blocks:

         As mentioned in the "Getting Started" post,  these patterns are not in color, so the first step is figuring out which fabrics to cut using  your handy dandy fabric chart that was provided with your pattern set.  At this point, this is where I need to mark my pattern with some kind of visual guide to help me remember which fabrics are which:

 Do whatever will help you keep them straight!

Cutting instructions are for all 4 blocks which is good... I don't like multiplying this early in the morning!

Piecing the block:

Diagonally piece the blue squares to your center square and trim.  This is your first opportunity to save your "waste" half square triangles!!

Next, attach you triangles together to make 1/4" triangle units.
THIS is what they should look like going into your machine.
GET THIS STEP RIGHT!! Trust me, it will alter the entire look of the block if these are wrong!

The one on the left is right.... the one on the right is wrong!

This is what happens when you mix up this step:

Hey, it was late!!!  Even seasoned quilters make rookie mistakes at times, but it gives us opportunities to live by one of the quilter's 10 commandments:  Thou shalt not rip, only "un-sew"!

When you diagonally piece the blue onto your gold, I recommend pressing the blue IN TOWARDS the gold.  In the pattern, the arrow indicates that you should press out, however, if you press IN, it will make the final assembly step easier as your seams will align better.
This is another opportunity to save those "waste" triangles!

Next make your corner units:

Lay out, then assemble your rows.....
Make sure you have your pieces turned right! 

and...... DONE!

Not so bad right!?  Make four of these and you made it through month 1!

Just for a laugh:

This is how NOT to make the mercantile block!!

Total piece count in this quilt so far: 132

Waste half square triangles collected so far: 32

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