Monday, February 6, 2017

Conestoga Crossing Month 2: Sewing Days Block

pieces per block: 16
number of blocks: 7
waste HST's: 0

Making the blocks:

This one is pretty straight forward.  No surprises, just lay out your pieces

then sew them together in rows.

Easy peasy, right?

Something extra:

            When you sew all 112 of these pieces together, if you're not doing so already, I strongly encourage you to "chain sew" these.   Chain sewing simple means that each time you sew a set together, instead of lifting your needle each time and removing it, leave it there and start your next set as though they were attached..... Leave a little space between (a few stitches of only thread) to easily separate them.

I find it easier to keep my pieces lined up by lifting my presser foot slightly to place the next set directly in front of the needle.... Your needle should not be in the up position when your machine is at rest.

You will end up with a long "chain" of pieces all attached together. which you can then snip apart.

THESE GUYS are my favorite snippy tool... you can use anything, but these are super convenient!
Chain sewing not only saves time and thread, but it also has other benefits!

like mummy costumes:

or in your decor:

seriously, you think my hubby would go for one of these on a canopy bed??? Just sayin'

Good luck with your chain piecing!

total pieces sewn this month: 112
total pieces in the quilt so far: 244
total waste HST's collected: 32

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