Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Conestoga Crossing Month 6: Making Ready Block

blocks to make: 1 (plus 2 baskets)
number of pieces: 44 (plus 58)
Waste HST's to collect: 8.....or 40 depending on your level of crazy (plus 10)

This block starts out like any normal block...

Cut out your pieces and assemble the units just like every other, then...... bam!!
It hits you right in the kisser!
Ok, not really, I'm listening to the latest episode of ninjago in the background as I write this... Lol
But seriously, my math brain is FREAKING OUT!  Where the heck do your rows line up?? There's no start and stop!! Oh the chaos!!
More on this later.....

First, we should talk a moment about the flying geese units.
Go ahead and make the larger units, drawing your lines to save your waste triangles.  Press normally... etc.

The little guys, though..... Now, this is where I draw the line... or rather, where I don't!
You heard me! I don't save these!

The one on the left is a "standard size" WHST... the one on the right is from the smaller geese units, and while these guys are perfectly usable, they are getting just a smidge tiny for me.
If you want to save them, GO FOR IT!!  I'll even give you a prize if  you show me something you made out of them!

Another note, press the smaller units one side in, one side out. This will help with block assembly later.

so here's your units:

looks normal... no big deal... keep building... Be sure to furl that pinwheel in the center!
What can I say, I am one furlin' rebel! (shame on everyone who read that wrong!)

Here's your assembly units:

Oh the horror!!! What do we do?!?!
(I really gotta start limiting the cartoons)

Ok, so this one we get to use a partial seam technique!  Yay, that doesn't sound too bad!

To get this started, just begin stitching one of the side seams like normal, but STOP about halfway down the side.

yes, I'm too lazy to rotate this photo for you.... you get the idea, right?

Press accordingly, then sew on the side that's not flappin around.

Continue around until you get to the last one.

Now, I know this is rough... I very nearly had a panic attack trying to figure out how to accomplish this without disrupting the cosmic forces by breaking my piecing chain!
I assure you, all will be right with the world... you can do it.... break that chain and finish the seam starting in the middle!!!

Whew!! As far as I know we haven't experienced any cosmic repercussions, but I'll keep you posted.
Cool block, right?!

Don't forget to make your baskets.... or fire pits as my husband likes to call them... Hey, my work room is his bedroom too!

total pieces sewn this month: 102
total pieces in the quilt so far: 689
total waste HST's: 100 (I'm not counting those crazy teeny guys!)

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