Thursday, July 6, 2017

Conestoga Crossing Month 10: Parting of the Ways Block

blocks to make: 1 (plus 2 baskets)
number of pieces: 48 (plus 58)
Waste HST's to collect: 16 (plus 10)

I just love star blocks!!

Wait, is it really a
star or is it a pinwheel?? I'm confused!

Upon further investigating... and... you know... pattern reading... Lol
We see that the center is actually another pinwheel... Yay!
But, as we said last month, you can totally take a pinwheel and build around it to make a really awesome star block... Woo Hoo!!

Finally an easy one... Pinwheel, geese, 1/2 squares... we totally got this!

I pressed my geese units towards the blue/black unit (towards the center of the block).

Make em...

Assemble em...


total pieces sewn this month: 106
total pieces in the quilt so far: 1,150
total waste HST's: 176

Something extra:

So here is one of my all time FAVORITE waste triangle projects to date!

These are pillowcase/shams made from the leftover triangles collected from the quilt that is actually on my bed during the Conestoga Crossing project.

I know this photo skips ahead a little to assembly, but never mind that!  We are looking at the quilt on the bed.... the quilt on the bed!

You can get the pattern for that awesome quilt

And Most of the original fabrics

Anyway, so I used

(click on the link to the PDF in the description of the item)

But of course, added some pizazz to the cuff.
I used 34 of these guys total PER case.... for a grand total of 136 WHST's PER CASE!!
This was a fantastic way to use lots of them that's for sure.

I know the photo is not the best, but there is a row of these in the top, darker section of the cuff also.  I pieced them together in a big long row, added some spacer strips, then pieced it into the pillowcase same as any other old case.
The only thing that I strongly encourage, that is not shown in the tutorial, is to sew your initial seam (the one when you are sewing the "tube") at more like 3/8 of an inch.
This is because I STRONGLY encourage you to top stitch that seam down before 
the final assembly step.

For this particular project I went ahead and top stitched every HORIZONTAL seam after pressing, and also the very top cuff.

This will keep everything nice and in place so you can wash your cases and not worry about stuff getting all wonky. Your points will stay right where you put em'!
 I have a total of  6 top stitch seams on my cuffs.
I always top stitch after you turn your "tube" right side out and give it a nice press.
Everything else is the same as the tutorial!

Go ahead and play with sizes and spacer strips... Let's see what awesome pillow shams we can come up with!!

oh... right...... the baskets..... make those too....!

What can I say.... she insisted I take HER photo..... not the blocks!

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