Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Conestoga Crossing month 8: The Long Farewell Block

blocks to make: 1 (plus 2 baskets)
number of pieces: 56 (plus 58)
Waste HST's to collect: 0 (plus 10)


What the heck am I looking at here.... you want me to make what now??

This one messes with my math brain too!  I mean, where is the breakdown?  It just keeps spinning!

Ok. Panic attack is over.  Upon further investigation we discover that this block is pieced in the same four patch style as many other blocks.... No big deal.
Except...... There is quite a bit of bias triangle stuff happening.... fun!

Piece your triangles as shown in the pattern.  MAKE SURE they are oriented the right way... we don't want to relive block 1, right?!

There is a small bit of diagonal piecing happening in this section.  Just make sure your flat edges line up and you'll be fine.

Make sure your center seam lines up with the center of the bottom unit here.  DO NOT trust your edges here.  Center the um..... center... and you may even consider..... I can't believe I'm saying this... *gulp*   pin.... it... in.... place....
That was hard. I am not a fan of straight pins.  Just sayin'

So there you have it.  There's your sections.  Put the four of them together.  I furled my center seam since it's a pinwheel.... I have a thing about that.

Make these guys:

total pieces sewn this month: 114
total pieces in the quilt so far: 918
total waste HST's: 128

Something extra:

Not sure what it will be, but I thought I'd share a couple fun blocks I made using WSHT's from a previous project.

This one kinda looks like a darting bird right?

This one would make a great pillow I think... also darting birds all flying toward the center.

Anyway, just some ideas for those wasties!
Have a great month!

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